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Impact on the sighted : A study showed that an astonishing 100% of visitors who were questioned five years later remembered the experience. 90% reported feeling sensitized to the world of the blind, 52% recommended Dialogue in the Dark to their friends and family, and 34% wanted to experience the exhibition a second time.

Impact on the blind : Dialogue in the Dark creates jobs for disabled people, many of whom are chronically unemployed. Since 1988, over 6000 blind and partially sighted people worldwide have gained income and recognition through their work. For many staff members, this position has meant the end of unemployment, increasing their self-confidence and changing their self-image. Blind people transform themselves from passive welfare recipients to active sharpers of their own lives. Key skills required in the world of work-perseverance, flexibility, time-management and social competence, are significantly enhanced.

Dialogue in the Dark is uniquely able to give disabled people meaningful employment and a new perspective for their lives. The idea is bearing more fruit as employers are sensitized by visiting the exhibition and subsequently fill vacancies with disabled people.



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